April 2021

Our Disability Readathon  runs for the entire month of April!


Physical books, audiobooks, and ebooks are all valid. We also included other texts like tweets, podcasts, and more.

Click a button below for the reading challenges or for the live event schedule, which includes reading sprints!

This event is meant to be fun - as long as you’re reading about disability, you are officially part of the readathon! Alter any of the challenges to make them more accessible for you. This is not a contest of how many books you can read, but it is our way of highlighting the importance of disability in media. 


Blog, vlog, tweet, and share some pictures on Instagram of your reading experience so we can bask in your excitement all month! We'll also publish our own videos to join in the fun.


Make sure to use the #DisabilityReadathon hashtag so we know where to find your content - and we’ll share it on our social media posts! This is optional, but encouraged.

Questions? Feel free to send us an email or contact us on Twitter!


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What's a Readathon?

A readathon is a specific time frame where participants read books or other texts based a topic - ours is disability! There are also specific tasks or challenges to offer some structure and suggest books you might not have read otherwise.

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What are "Own Voices"?

Own voices are books or texts that focus on an identity that matches the author. In this case, own voices are texts featuring disability written by a disabled author, but this can be extended to any marginalized identity. While we believe anyone can write good, disabled characters, we ask that your reading list only includes own-voices texts!

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